Security Solutions

TQI, Inc. employs an industry leading security solution for transporting Life Sciences products which provide our customers greater assurance that each load will arrive at its destination without incident. By using a layered approach to securing our shipments, we are able to minimize the risk of incident during transit for our customers. We are committed to continuously improving our security measures, and by working in partnership with our Life Sciences customers we are able to provide a comprehensive security solution that exceeds all industry standards and practices.

  • 24-hour real-time monitoring
  • Customer specific Standard Operating Procedures
  • End-to-end position tracking technology
  • Best-in-class security features and practices
  • Experienced, dedicated and incentivized drivers
  • America’s only TAPA Level 1 certified life sciences transportation provider


Our high quality equipment, state-of-the-industry technology and best-in class operating procedures are complemented by the utilization of experienced, employee drivers. Total Quality does not use owner operators and has experienced significantly less driver turnover than the industry average as a result. This is a distinct advantage for Total Quality and provides further assurance of compliance with operating procedures during transit.